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The Risk Involved

Delivery business is lucrative but there are some concerns...

The risk involved in this business are in 2 different categories;

1. Human based

This Is where honesty and trust comes into play especially when you are not the one going to ride your bike and make accounts.

Besides trust and honesty, a rider could be rough naturally and the rider will naturally rough handle your bike and render it useless.

2. System based

Government policies and guidelines can disrupt operations or even a pandemic such as the coronavirus out and the lockdown it came with.

We have taken care of all these to ensure investors are rest assured👍

When investors buy Keke or bike and give to people to use it for business and make returns, they are left at the mercy of the bike rider who comes with different stories and no returns daily such as;

The bike broke down

The bike was impounded

The rider was arrested

The rider broke the law

They need to buy parts

Business is bad

No work

The riser is sick

The rider traveled

The rider is lost

The bike is lost




we have measures that addresses investors concerns when it comes to the above mentioned points.

1. Maintenance and servicing of investors bike is our responsibility.

2. Hiring, verifying, paying the rider and managing the rider is our responsibility.

3. Getting shipment requests is our responsibility

4. Security of the bike is our responsibility

5. Meeting Government policies and guidelines to maintain stable operations Is our responsibility. 6. Managing customers is our responsibility

7. Managing merchants is our responsibility

8. Getting the bike out of trouble is our responsibility

9. Accounting and payment remittances to investors is our responsibility

10. Management and overseeing the entire system to ensure it is working smoothly plus documentation is our responsibility.

And much more, we go the extra mile to ensure that operations are running perfectly.

Your only responsibility is to invest and get N30k weekly (every Monday) for 1yr.

Your investment will be used to purchase a brand bike, kit it for dispatch with the box, helmet, etc. Hire a competent rider, get the rider ready for dispatch work with kits, scout for shipments, fulfill delivery requests and we pay you N30,000 weekly.

We simply start paying you rental of N5000 daily x 6 days of the week (Monday - Friday) which is N30,000 weekly (every Monday)

For more info

0906 254 7191

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Naijazee Global Empire
Naijazee Global Empire
25 de abr. de 2020

👍👍👍Follow who sabi the is the way to go


Great article! However, it may be necessary to proofread as often as possible before final post.. noticed some typographical errors. One question.. please, are TheMap investments backed up by insurance?

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