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for me, these pictures tells us of the grassroots economics of every city, in this context, Lagos State. These economic activities seen below can be seen in every part of Nigeria and all over the world be it a city or a suburb or even a rural area.

What can differ is the scale which borders around operations, network, technology, R&D. These activities contributes to daily cash flow and some level of wealth redistribution and money circulation.

Remove these activities from the economic equation of a city, town or settlement and stare Chao at the face economically. A good example is during the lock can mentally fix the rest as we all experienced it. We are starting tp bring our focus on these daily activities that makes up the fabric of our daily living all over the world.

We have a chronicle of articles on traffic outlets and how we can repair the workforce with traffic jams.

There must be something to learn from these pictures and build upon, we wish to rechannel economic focus on grassroots economics using pictures to tell the tale.

photo credit:- @onyinyeonyinede

article:- @anyanso_mma

You can write your own article if the pictures we post here on living inspires you to write something, the most unique article and photo will win.


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