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A Ponzi scheme named after Charles Ponzi, who carried out a large fraud in the 1920s, pays the “investments” of late-arriving participants as “returns” to early participants. That is, A puts money in, and the fraudster takes it. Then B puts money in, and the fraudster pays some of it out to A and steals the rest. C puts money in, which goes to B and A, etc. The con artist needs only a good story about the “investment” and a lot of confidence in delivering it. Investors find it hard to resist the story of a high return investment available only to a select few. The scheme survives and prospers until A or B ask for their principal back. Of course, there is no principal — that’s the nature of a Ponzi scheme. No money was ever invested and the fraud collapses. The fraudster goes to jail, and the victims lick their wounds and mourn their losses, rarely seeing their money again.

Often, Ponzi schemes are popular, either with the public, or with groups of friends. Popularity provides an aura of credibility — if everyone you know is investing, the investment must be OK, and it seems foolish to be left out. FOMO (fear of missing out) strikes again!

Victims’ stories are heart wrenching. Retirees lose their entire life savings and are forced to return to work. Families lose college funds, threatening their children’s futures. The loss shatters dreams and destroys lifelong plans. Victims are also in shock — how could they have been deceived?

I have been a victim of GNLD now rebranded to 'Neolife’, Twinkers, MMM, Alliance global, Trevor, Helping hands, etc. Don’t get me wrong some of these products actually work but the idea doesn’t fly and it’s the people who are at the bottom of the food chain that get hit and lose their life savings and money. So, before you make any financial commitment think it through, ask questions do your research and findings. Don’t rely on your friends or the public at large to make your investment decisions for you. It’s your money; it should be your decision.

So, all this money talk brings me to is a real company, doing real logistic business, paying out real money on a weekly basis to its investors, affiliate partners and marketers. The company has created a value chain that keeps all associated with the business busy and paid. Invest your money in a business that delivers on its promises and enriches you financially and intellectually.

For enquiries you can visit the company's website,, follow us on Facebook or visit us at our head office Suite A59 Nigerian Airforce Base Ikeja, Lagos.

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