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Partnership scam

Things you need to know

Some firms promise partnership but never fulfill their promises.

On TheMap we succeed and excel with our partners who are trained affiliates.

We pay out over N3, 000,000 weekly to our affiliates whereas we get over N15, 000,000 from investors coming from all works of life.

For our bike investment total package is N580, 000 which an affiliate goes home with 5% which amounts to N29, 000 and for collaborative investment of N120, 000 we pay 10% which amounts to N12, 000.

Beyond selling our products you can also be part of our service delivery process as you can become a hub. All you need is to get trained and get verified.

Our products and services you can sell and earn;

Delivery business

Location automation

Digital experience training

VR deployment

Virtual sorts club

Drone business

Digital marketing

Web solutions TheMap franchising

Learn and earn

1 day training

Get materials

Get job recommendations

Get ID cards

Get location profiling

Get contract signed

And you are good to go.

We have testimonies and we have track records.


Register today

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