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What does data look like?

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Data = money and the Internet = where you spend it Smart phones = Data ATM (where those who know cash out) Why do you spend money on data but do not make money back from data?

Many people do not know that this is possible. This is the secret of the ICT companies. They develop apps and keep it online and give you FREE movie download, music download, watch FREE video, FREE online e books, FREE tutorial videos, FREE mp3, FREE magazine, FREE online Bible/Quran, FREE web dictionary, FREE editing online, WATCHING YOUTBE BECAUSE IT FREE OF CHARGE, etc

It is not FREE OOOOO!!!! You have paid with your data

Example if you download something on the internet maybe music which is maybe 3.7mb, my dear you have just paid 3,7mb x 1000/seconds which is 3.7gb/sec x 60(which makes 1min) = 3.6tb/min x 60mins again (which makes an hour)...

You can continue with the calculations.

Facebook is making it Google dey see am Me posting this is also making good money from data which is why I am writing this post

Imagine you earn like this and this is the data rate and currency rate where data has a naira/kobo value

kb = kilobytee -kobo mb = megabyte -hundred gb = gigabyte -thousand tb = terabyte -million zb = zigabyte -Billion

Social monetization is the future business You do not need to refer or introduce anyone to earn

This is practically where you see your money working for you Many other people are making this money from data, if you start today people will say you have gone to do blood money.

I dont want to talk too much, like I said. We are making this money and have track record, if you have been following us on the news, you can Google

This is the safest and sweetest business ever This is the surest way to make money online with assurance

This business is new in Nigeria and we are pioneers(the 1st) to ever start it in the whole of Africa and many parts of the world

We can help you set up data magnets that can magnet data as people use the internet example Facebook, Google, etc, you get paid.

The amount you are paid is equal to the amount of data you magnet per day

To magnet massive data to make millions a day from data, you need a robust platform setup for you

The more robust your platform = the bigger data your platform magnets and the more your payout

If you subscribe for lower modules, your data magnet will be according to your platform/subscribed module

Bigger investment on your platform = bigger data magnet and bigger payout

You can start with smaller modules and upgrade later if you want more income from data which means to own a more robust platform or start with the robust platform and relax at home no need to work, no need to do anything and your money will be entering your bank account because data turns into bank alert.

Follow the steps to get started to see investment rate and payout rates

What is the assurance?

So long as people exist, internet exists, smart phones, computers, smart TV's, Car navigation exists, so long as people wake and sleep you must earn because it is guaranteed.

How can you start this business? Call 08102249165 for further information 4. Like and share our page on Facebook and comment yes to receive brochure in your messenger inbox

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