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1 week extension has been added to the MAY WEATHER COMBO PROMO

for all investment packages , the may weather combo promo has been extended ........hurray ! 💃💃💃🕺🕺🕺🕺

How can you also enjoy in this combo promo ?

Step 1

  • pick an investment plan you would want to start with

  • invest in 3 bikes at once for the logistics investment and get extra 3 months ROI

  • Invest in 6 VR at once for the VR (virtual reality) business and get extra 3 months ROI

  • invest In 5 locations at once and also get extra ROI for each of the business plan

Step 2

  • pay into our corporate account

account name :the map online

account number :1016497279

Bank name : zenith bank plc

  • send proof of payment

  • register your investment on our online platform

  • receive confirmation mail and invoice

  • wait for 1 week and start receiving your ROI

As simple as that .

we think at that the best way to have confidence is taking responsibilities of peoples insecurities and make it our own 👍

we also believe that the most effective way to DO IT . is to DO IT

contact our customer care lines

  • 09039859169

  • 08158924347

  • 09087937310

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