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Beyond fashion is the business

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Hmmmm....product design is what we pay for most times and not the quality most times. Product design is what makes the item catchy and attractive to the eyes. Design can make us fantasize about owning a product irrespective of the price. #

Gucci on this one.

People buy Gucci over $10,000 -$30,000 because a lot of product development and design concept was put together to serve you the end product which you pay a premium for.

The power of product design is everything.

The round frame of this bag is made with cane, yes cane and then wrapped with leather to ensure its super light weight.

Most times what sells is the product design and not the name.

But when product design comes with a name then you can guess the price tag.

How attractive is your business product design?

How innovative is your business model/concept?

How outstanding is your business product interface?

How good is your customer experience?

How good is your business communication channel?

Take a lot of things into consideration this year as regards your business model, concept, operational system, value chain, supply chain, marketing, packaging etc

It is a difficult task for most entrepreneurs but with TheMap the stress is reduced to the nearest minimum and positibe result increase maximally.

TheMap can assist you build your business with various services in the offing;


You need professional technical partners with innovative ideas at no cost (able hands)

Are you making sales on social media?

Are your social pages growing at a constant rate?

Behind every operational modern business are computers, data, smart phones paper works and business professionals with innovative ideas and practical solutions to use above tools win sales.


  • Business strategies

  • Makerting plans

  • Sales strategies

  • Product profiling

  • Product cataloguing

  • Documentation

  • Proposal writing

  • Business plan writing

  • Website development

  • Mobile development

  • Automation

  • Project management

  • Operating systems

  • Soft staffing

  • Product development

  • Business development

  • Visuals

  • Logo designs

  • Graphic designing

  • Project packaging

  • Video documentary

  • Video skits

  • Video adverts

  • So much more


  • Social media marketing

  • Advert broadcast

  • Social media growth

  • Social management

  • Targeting/re targeting

  • Sales funnel

  • Revenue generation

  • Reporting

  • Product creation

Digital marketing beyond social media

Newsletter broadcast

SMS broadcast


Gift cards

Loyalty reward system


And so much more.

*Contact us and let's work together*

TheMap Online LTD.

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