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CRMi is open again

You can now invest for Abuja recruitment.

N160, 000.00 returns from N100, 000.000 investment to empower a Nigerian.

This means you get 60% returns on your investment.

The ROi Breakdown

The payout is calculated weekly but paid out monthly because thw CR-Manager yiou empower/sponsor works and get paid at month end.

DURATIN - 3 months

1st month = N60, 000

2nd month = N60, 000

3rd month = N40, 000

Total = N160, 000.00

Customer Relationship Management Investment (CRMi) is open for investors to invest majorly to foster Abuja recruitment.

The aim is to create opportunities for investment, career, partnership and collaboration 🙌🏼

Taking our operations up North have opened our eyes to see that there is need to do more, much more than we have done.

The beauty of CRMi is the fact that you don’t know who your funding to be empowered. People get jobs without having to lobby to looking for connection. You can be overseas and invest in people in Abuja to be empowered with job opportunities, training, admin backend and equipment.





We have used customer relationship management to create jobs and investment opportunities.

You can subscribe for TheMap SIM and phone to talk to vatious callers calling in for enquiries for various businesses.

This is a way we have created digital jobs that people can do from home. we train and empower people to become business representatives as call centers.

We train people to become the voice of various businesses to talk to numberous customers from the comfort of theirhome and phone.

Call centers make money from various sources and can work comfortable shifts at their own pace. The digital sskill we give them enables them to learn and understand various business processes to make them speak like a PRO.

invest today

to read and learn more visit


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