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Ai - Advanced intelligence or artificial intelligence?

Kompuita like my grandma would call computer.

Computers are wired to memick the human brain.

Our brain is a standard computer, no wonder our laptops, phones and other gadgets are mirrored and designed to function like the human brain;

  1. Example:Digital camera was made to function copying the human eye and every component such as lens, display panel. etc.Laptops was made copying the human system, look at components such as memory which is known as Hard Disk broken down into

  2. RAM and ROM human beings have ROM and RAM even phonesROM = Read only memory RAM = Random.access memoryROM is the memory that holds long term information such as your name, you cannot forget your own name unless you have memory problem, your birthday, your address, colours, numbers, people's names, channels and programs, the way to your house, the way to.your office, etcThese information to you are just there permanent but it's actually stored in.your memory but you are not aware it's your memory until you have memory problem like President Mohammadu BuhariRAM is the memory that holds short term information such as appointments to visit your doctor, desire to go shopping, time slot for your favourite TV programs, return a phone call, etc.

These are short term tasks that you perform.and move on with no.need for permanent storage.Some people have bad memories and can forget things easily, some.burn their food on fire due to the fact that they forgot they have food on fire. That means the person's RAM is bad.You have processor like your phone and laptops and other gadgets.Some phones or devices are super fast due to their good processors likewise some human beings.This is the reason some phones hang, their processor is slow or has a low capacity to match their memory.Some.people.when you ask them a question, it takes them.1-3mins to put their answers together slogishly while some give you instant response in real time due to the fact that their processor can process the information sent to it then deliver a suiting response.I can go on and on to show you similariets between a computer and a human being bit for this article, I wil linit my discuss to Memories and processors.Classical examplesA normal calculator and scientific calculator are not mates. The complex mathematics a scientific calculator can solve a normal calculator cannot solve it.So it is with human beings, some people have to do a lot of mental work to get results while some people don't fret to get answers and solutions to challenges they face.Let me use smart phones configuration to sight another example;Some phones are1GB RAM 8GB HDDSome.are2GB RAM 16GB HDDSome are3GBRAM 32GB HDDYou cannot expect 1GB RAM as efficient as 3GB RAM and what 32GB HDD can store 8GB HDD cannot store it.Incase you don't know, ypur phone RAM store short term items on their memory, like when you copy something from WhatsApp and you want to paste it on Facebook, that item is saved on for phones clipboard which is linked to your phone's RAM, once you paste it sometimes it's over, no need for your phone to keep your copied item in your phone's Hard Disk.Your phone hard disk hold long term files such as your music, photos and etc.HOW DOEA HUMAN BEINGS DIFFER FROM COMPUTERS IRRESPECTIVE OF THE FACT THAT THEY WERE DEVELOPED TP BEHAVE LIKE HUMANS?1. Accuracy 2. Speed 3. Reliability1. Accuracy If I give you a math like 547 x 458 + 14 - 71 ÷ 5 = ?Only a few set of special.human beings can give me the answer in 1 second like a calculator, the rest of the human beings would require a note pad and a pen to manually do the maths.This is why calculators were made to aid human beings with mathematical and calculation problems.Most human beings lack accuracy2. Speed The time it takes a human being to process an information is far slower than a computer. Some people, before they answer a question, they make a sound like "eeeemmmmmm" then they remember and give an answer. That drag in the memory is means the bra8n is skipping which reduces delivery speed.3. Reliability This bothers around trust. If an ATM dispenses your requested cash, Many of you don't bother counting it because you Trust The ATM not to cheat you.But if a human being hives you cash, my brother, you need to count it to ensure itnis complete.DOES THIS MEAN COMPUTERS ARE BETTER THAN HUMAN BEINGS?The answer is a capital NO!Without human beings computers are nothing. Human beings made the computer Human beings operates the computer Human beings maintains the computer Human beings use the computerEver wonder what fascinates you sbout electronics ans gadgets, phone, your BIG screen TV, your iPad, iPhone, etc...the fascination is from the fact that you are looking at those computerised machines and devices you see a mirror of your intelligence being replicated and embedded into a device to make.ypur life easier for you.You can setup.your own theme, your own ring tone, your own wallpaper, your own contacts, ypur own media files, etc.Your phone is not just a mirror of your intelligence but your technical partner. If you lose your phone without backup, yohbwill lose things that are not in your head buy in your phone.1. How many phone numbers can you hold in your brain?But your phone can hold as much phone numbers as possible without omitting a number or mixing up the numbers.2. How.many birthdays and anniversaries can you remember? But your phone calendar or Facebook calendar can be so prompt and apt.3. How.many songs can you remember and sing it line for line? But your phone music library can hold thousand of songs and render them even after so.many years of storage without forgetting a line.If we have been able to establish Some facts about human being brains and their similarities with machine functions will conclude by stating 2 major things;1. Without human beings there will be no computers 2. Withlut computers, no accuracy, speed, efficiency and reliabilityThis is the meeting point.Both are needed in today's world as they are inseparable.Human beings needs to become super compiters.Read it again, human beings are supposed to become super computers and that is when you become a god.This 2019 is a hell of a stone age but you dont know, if you look back to year 1789, you will see trends that does not make sense to you and you wonder how they lived and survived.One day you will look back at year 2019 from the future and wonder how we survived today's primitivity.We are now in.the age of machine learning and machine dependability then becoming the machines we created then build.heaven here on Earth. By then every brain will be ensync.Today a lot of people carry smart phones around. To me, that's primitive to the core.Today a lot.of people need internet to access information on the web., that's super primitive.The world is gradually transiting to amalgamation of human beings and computers to.make them becom super computers. You already working around with yoir console, your mini computer, your smart phone.Human beings will become the device onr day whereby Earth becomes the platform.Computers used to be so large like.a building but has been reduced to a laptop, then to a phone and to a wrist watch and even to a microchip and soon it will be implanted in human beings to activate them.This sounds like a Sci-fi lol. Watch the trend. You need to know the journey.If we have gotten to the era of computers being broken down to become as small as a wrist watch and micro chips, then be sure to let go of your smart phone/devices one day because you are the BIGGEST COMPITER DEVICE ON PLANET UNIVERSE.Then you don't need a computer in form.of your phone outside helping you but inside helping you function to the peak.Your brain has GPS that's why you don't get lost daily when you go out you know where you are going and you return home.The GPS navigation system in your car or phone was designed to.function like the GPS in your brain.The brain has media player, that is why you can sing some songs in my head and the instruments and vocals will playback accurately. You can even hum the songs and sing alon. Sometimes you remember a song and it plays on in your head are quite on the outsideThe question I will leave you with is, where is technology actually taking the world to?What are all these automatons about?Look at how computer and computerization has affected education, money, traffic, manufacturing, transport, banking, communication, etc and try envisaging where and how things in the coming future.Are you prepared for it?COMPUTER DEPENDENCY!!!This is dangerous but good if we are woke to the realities facing us.We depend on computers with more than 95% of our lives.If traffic light is malfunction or not working at all that is when you will know that computers and stems rule.usWithout your laptop or desktop the world will.shut down atleast for a second or moreWithout your phone, you will just discover that you are not that smartYour keyboard learns your words and typing skills and aids you with pre defined sentences, words, spelling correction and act.Some people cannot type a correct sentence without their phone. They need their phone to be able to type their messages comfortably.Have you ever used someone's phone to type a message, you will not enjoy that typing, why? The phone onscreen keyboard will have to learn ypur speed, words, etc and it takes time.So you can see how human beings have built their lives on their consoles AKA smart phone.The elevator has computer, some doors have computer, cars have computer.No computer, no safe flight. Computer aids the plane to fly and land smoothlyWe are totally.locked.WHAT IS THE IMPACT AND IMPLICATION?Computers are making things disappear and replacing them.witj soft intelligent versions.Only few phones come.with a keypad which is static, one colour, 1 design, it geys damahed, the buttton print oit can clean off while ,many phone now have on.screen keyboards with interactivity and it does not spoil.unless.the screen is faulty, dynamic and interactiveMoney is disappearing to through compiterization backed by cashless policies on the rise. When you do your wire transfer it's swift and soft unlike when you needed to carry that money cash.Brick and morter Education is disappearing with online schools popping up.Shops and marketplaces are disappearing as commerce has gone online with online shops and marketplaces popping and there.Do you know the many more things that will disappear by being computerised.You can start a band without buying a single musical instrument, there is a drum app,, flute app, sax app, etc.You can virtually make music without a single musical instrument with the aid of computerization.Imagine setting up.a complete drum set, keyboard and act the will be filled bit a computer has it one and does not require that much space and it is far moe efficient.What more can disappear and get computerized? have your take on this.#Anyanso MMA☆ #TheMap

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