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REFUND &Validationexercise

If you have successfully done your validation and your profile has turned green = get YOUR INVOICES READYfor payment.

Validate your claims!

click the button below to start validating your claim. Click on the validate options. on the "menu" to regenerate your invoice.

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Why must you validate? 


  • To provide a platform to present your claim to enable us, see it for verification 

  • To qualify for refund once submitted information are true and correct

  • To confirm your claim remotely without having to come to our office

  • To stand out from those with the malicious intention to deceive or cheat 

  • To ensure your record with TheMap back and record tallies 

  • To have a digital process that helps you do validation at your own pace and space 

  • Speedy processing 

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Features of our validation portal 



Upload features for bank, receipts, invoices, and other proof 


Date and time for accurate dates indication for date of payment received and dates for payment due 

Instrumental payment 

This can be what we owe gradually or small small for example if we owe you 5000 naira and we pay you 1000 naira, you validate the 1000 naira you receipt from us our portal will indicate that your balance is 4000 naira and if in the future, we pay you another 500 naira Validates the 500 naira. Our portal indicates that we owe you 3500. This is how the system will keep validating you until we pay you completely and out of the system.


Life support 

There’s a life support button in where you can easily contact our customer service or call centers for easy guidance, inquiries, information complaints, and much more


Perfectly working well configured server both on cloud and physical hosting to hold massive database for easy data storage-upload and data retrieval-upload, easy data transmit ion/transition & above all easy data management.

How to validate 


Log onto TheMap website 

Click on validation on the menu

Once the validation page opens 

Click on sign up to register your profile

Login after you signup go ahead and sign in


Without signing in;

you can scroll down the login page to reveal a space where you can input invoice number for “quick invoice status check” if the invoice has been registered on the portal earlier



Use the same email you used while filling your registration form after your payment to TheMap before the challenge in year 2020 .


This will make it easy to recognize your account and your profile on TheMap and all your previous transactions and invoices.


Using a new email different from the one you used in the beginning will make your profile look like a new user/client as there will be no match for all your previous records.


Get all previous invoices issued to you ready, if still available


Get all proof of payments, such as bank receipts or bank deposit teller, transfer receipts and all previous payments proofs for bank, transfer or bank deposit


Remember, the total amount you received from TheMap


If you don’t have invoice but paid to TheMap account, while filling your invoice form, upload your proof of payment from the bank when you made the transfer or deposit across the bank counter or online transfer receipt..


This means you have to create the digital version of all your physical invoice(s) that can go online for us to use for the validation of your claim

Sign in with the same username and password used in signing up

Remember to keep your password safe

Click remember me for automatic sign in

Create one invoice per transaction. This means you have to create one invoice at a time according to the transaction you paid for.


Signing up;

Use the same username and password used during sign up

After signing in the validation portal opens

Go to the validation menu option and click on invoices

Signing in;

Select create new invoice from the mini option

An empty invoice form open so that you can fill in your invoice details or information such as;

Invoice number


Package you paid for

How much you paid

Payment details such as;

Bank payment came from

Bank payment went to

Date of payment




If you have 10 invoices from TheMap, according to the 10 transactions you paid for you have to create the 10 invoices on the validation portal. 


Indicate receipts/proof of payments, if available.


Ensure you indicate the total payments you have received from TheMap as R.O.i.. Also indicate the total amount you sent to use and the packcage you paid for.


After recreating your invoice using the form provided  on the validation portal, you can submit and wait for us to confirm all your submitted information and then validate that invoice and the indicator can change from RED TO GREEN.

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