Customer Relationship Management Investment


Get trained or support someone to get equipped, assignments & get paid while you get returns.


Get paid from calling hotlines assinged to you, receiving incoming calls, handling shopping list, taking delivery requests, etc.


This is direct human capital development. As you invest in yourself or someone for this business jobs are created.

Sponsor Human Resources

What is it about?

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT IS THE NEW BUSINESS. SPONSORING PEOPLE IS THE NEW OPPORTUNITY. They say, " let your money work for you" But in CRM Training, we say, "let people work for your money". We have used customer relationship management to create jobs and investment opportunities. You can subscribe for TheMap SIM and phone to talk to vatious callers calling in for enquiries for various businesses. This is a way we have created digital jobs that people can do from home. we train and empower people to become business representatives as call centers. We train people to become the voice of various businesses to talk to numerous customers from the comfort of theirhome and phone. Call centers make money from various sources and can work comfortable shifts at their own pace. The digital sskill we give them enables them to learn and understand various business processes to make them speak like a PRO. an individual can decide to support our training of Nigerian youths to enable train and equip people or they can support/sponsor someone they reommend, maybe a family member or anyone in their life cycle. In return, the person supporting our training will get a gift card which can be redeemedas cash or gift items ranging from cars, home appliances, electronics, plot of land, houses, etc.

How does it work?

It has 2 sections as call center agent or as an investor. 1. As a call center agent

This means you are subscribing for yourself and you will be the one to get the training and the verification. All assignments and income comes to you directly without a 3rd party.

2. As a partner

This means you can sponsor or support a call center agent in this CRM business and make 110% returns. Your sponsorship will be used to empower and train someone who will be gettings jobs and assignments from TheMap and get paid for the assignments. We deduct income from the money made by the sponsored call center agent to pay back the investor in 3months (90 days).

How much to pay?

The CRMi costs a total investment of N100, 000 (one hundred thousand naira only). This is a one off payment made to TheMap for setup and equipping of a call center. We use this money to empower a youth who works, earns and reppays the investor. TheMap provides the assignments and tasks and ensures that investors are paid.

How can I make payment?

Make payment to our Corporate account with details below Account number 1016497279 Account name The Map Online NIG LTD OR Account number 1023208970 Account name The Map Online NIG LTD

What do I get in return?

EMBER SPLASH PROMO OFFER N100, 000.000 sponsorship to empower a Nigerian. You get N210, 000.00 GIFT VOUCHER. This means you can redeem your voucher within 3 months. This is for the Ember Splash PROMO The ROi Breakdown The CR-Manager you empower/sponsor works on schedule and assignment and gets paid at month end. DURATION - 3 months 1st month pay = N60, 000 2nd month pay = N60, 000 3rd month pay = N90, 000 Total = N210, 000.00

How does the CR-Manager earn?

CR-(customer relationship)-Managers earn from various income sources depending on their level of competence;

HOTLINES = N100/hotline

  1. Out bound calls

These are phone calls made by the CR-Managers to phone numbers provided to pass speific information for marketing, update, follow-up, etc.

For a start we will provide CR-Manager with 10 contacts

  • Step1:
  • 10 contacts x N100 = N1,000
  • Step 2:
  • 50 contacts x N100 = N5,000
  • Step 3:
  • 100 contacts x N100 = N10,000

  1. In bound calls

These are incoming calls, unexpected calls from our numerous investors, partners and customers. As we broadcast on social media, radio, offline channels and other media, we project our call center number, our CRManagers attend to the calls and win transactions which they earn commissions sometimes in fixed rate or percentages which turns into a lot of money due to the volume of calls

  1. Duties and assignments

They can be trained to function as location ambassadors, personal shoppers, admin, content developers, media team, etc. We have work and assignments for them with naira price tags. As we pay them we set investors oney aside to offset their investment/sponsorship.

What does the CR-Manager get?


  • Verification
  • Confirmation
  • Training/retraining
  • Documentation/contract


  • Smart phone
  • Smart SIM card


  • Bike investment brochure
  • Location investment brochure
  • VR investment brochure
  • Real estate investment brochure
  • CRMi brochure
  • Hub partnership brochure
  • TheMap company profile
  • Dispatch brochure
  • CRMi Handbook/manual
  • Pickup/delivery brochure


  • Call center app
  • CRM app
  • Pickip/delivery portal


  • Technical support
  • Admin support
  • Management
  • Record office
  • Mentorship

After 3 months & I get my ROi, what next?

After investors returns is completely repaid in 3 months, the CR-Manager will continue to work and earn money for themselves for life because the investor an only take back their investment/sponsorship as returns on investment (ROi) but cannot take back the knowledge and equipment given to the customer relationship manager (CRM).

The CR-managers have further responsibilities to offset after paying off their investor/sponsor, such as;

After the 1st 3months of repayment to investor, the CRM will pay;

  • Monthly repayment for their smart phone = N15,000
  • Monthly subscription for their smart SIM card data/airtime = N15,000
  • Monthly subscription for admin support = FREE

Total = N30, 000/month


From the 4th month after the first 3 months of paying investors, the CRM will pay for their smart phone for another 10months which is N15,000 x 10months = N150,000 to cover their smart phone and make them own it for life.

How can a CRM get sponsorship from our partners?

To be sponsored with investors funds to enabls e you orbecome a CR-manager and earn from home, you need to scroll down this page to the comment section;

1. Write a short message why you should be sponsored as a CRM

2. Add your photo so we can identify you

3. Add your hone number

4. Add your email

5. Add your location

6. Post comment

7. wait for confirmation on the comment tab or email/phne.

Please note:

This is the only channel we are using in recreuiting CR-Managers.

As an investor, you can also select a person or persons you wish to sponsor randomly from our comment section.

Is there affiliate commission on this?

If you introduce an investor who invests in CRM, we pay 10% commission per unit/N100k invested. For example if an investor invests N500k on 5 people/CRM, your commission will be 10% of N500k. If the investor you introduced invests in 1 person for N100k your 10% commission will be N10k.


1. You must be a registered affiliate with NGN 100,000

2. You must know the packages and turn on notification on Instagram and Facebook to be constantly updated on the activities of the company.

3. You must know you are a representative of THEMAP.NG wherever you go and as such be ready to defend and grow with the company.

4. To get paid for referrals you have to file the application at

on or before wednesday. Affiliates get paid from friday each week.

5. To get any payment it has to be filed for that week.

6. You have to ensure not to repeat invoice numbers. Registrations can be voided on such acts.

7. We are We are working together to build a greater life experience we can pass on with pride.

A true Nigerian Spirit the gift of Africa to the world. Success In Motion...going places!


PROMO N210, 000.00 GIFT CARD/VOUCHER for N100, 000.000 training sponsorship if you empower/support 10 people and above.

The PROMO Breakdown

The CR-Manager you empower/sponsor works and get paid at month end.

DURATION - 3 months

1st month pay = N60, 000

2nd month pay = N60, 000

3rd month pay = N90, 000

Total voucher/gift card = N210, 000.0

Register your CRM sponsorship
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Where do we pay in your returns?

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