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#TheMap Operation find and catch your customers online Facebook, oga nla, baba, facebook na chairman Facebook can make you rich What do you do with your Facebook? Are you making money from using Facebook? Are you just chatting and checking profile updates? Are you selling on Facebook? Do you engage your customers on Facebook? Are you addicted to Facebook but not making money from that love and addiction of Facebook? Think twice my dear. I have collected money from Facebook myself,ask me how. I can show you how to collect money from Facebook on your smart phone, mobile devices and PC. Many people like you don't know how to transfer and transform Facebook into money in their bank account. I can show you or help you transfer Facebookers from Facebook to WhatsApp and from WhatsApp to your bank account. Don't just sit and wait for miracle to happen, you can make miracle happen by yourself and for yourself. REQUIREMENTS TO GET STARTED 1. Android, iOS iPhone), Windows or Blackberry phones 2. #Ecommerce training 3. Personal #Ecommerce platform 4. Internet susbscription 5. Technical support If you have just lost your job If you are still scouting for jobs If you are looking at extra source of income If you are tired of the regular 9-5 slavery If you wish to be your own boss If you are ready to build a legacy If you are ready to change your own life If you are ready to change your society If you are ready to improve your own economy If you want to take advantage of technology If you are ready to utilize your phone and internet If you are ready to take control and attain financial freedom ABOUT THE MOBILE APPS ON YOUR PHONE/DEVICE They sit heavy on your phone with their weight measured in mb They feed on your phones resources and drain your battery They consume data for operations and updates They reduce your phone performance speed They consume space So its either you utilize it and make money or contiune to cater for it by updating, managing your lack of storage space and paying for internet subscription to continue using it. The choice is yourse. TO GET STARTED N15,000 Small Business Plan N25,000 Enterprise Business Plan N35,000 Corporate Business plan From N190,000 Master Business Plan Call. SMS or WhatsApp +234810224916

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