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Hard and soft services.


Remember using phones with keypads, computers with keyboards and etc but today devices come with inbuilt soft keys on touch screen.

HARDWARE is simply fizzling out because of the following valid reasons. HARDWARE KEYBOARD 1. Keyboards in hardware form can become faulty 2. The keys can fall off 3. The keys can wipe off or clean 4. It is static and cannot change to multi language input 5. It cannot be multi functional 6. It takes space and immovable 7. Repair or replacements will cost money 8. It cannot change colour 9. It is not interactive 10.Unintelligent and cannot learn your speed, words and sentences KEYBOARD SOFTWARE 1. can be removed and called back at will 2. Can take inputs in multiple languages 3. Is super interactive and multi functional 4. It can change colour and themes 5. Learns your typing speed, saves your inputs 6. Comes with inbuilt dictionary 7. The keys dare not clean or wipe off 8. It works so long as your device is working or your touch screen is in order 9. No need for repairs or replacements 10. Can transform into QWERTY or QWERTZ format keyboard. 11. Reduces the cost of devices 12. It is smart with suggestions to words, sentences and corrections As you ponder and agree with me, think of your traditional business processes and our contemporary business processes with soft solutions that can enable your business become Visible Interactive Intelligent Smart User friendly profitable Controllable by you from any location To improve your business with our soft solutions Call, SMS or WhatsApp +2348102249165

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