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Flash-Bike Advantage

Stock available is limited. Promotion is ending soon on set date.

We came up with the term flash bike because the returns on investment (ROi) comes in a flash. Usually, it takes 30days after making payment to start receiving your returns after investing returns on TheMap to own a bike which we use to run delivery errands.

What makes it take such a long time as much as 30days?🤔🤔🤔

After invest makes payment into our account and fills the online registration form to register their payment, we confirm payment and issue invoice and proceed to the following below steps to make the investment ready to start yieldinf returns;


This entails

1. Bike procurement

2. Bike coupling

3. Delivery to our yard

4. Bike registration

5. Bike branding


1. Installation of delivery box

2. Installation of tracker

3. Helmet

4. Padlock and hasp

5. Fuel tank cover


1. Hiring rider

2. Testing rider

3. Verifying the rider

4. Verifying riders guarantor

5. kitting the riders (boots, uniform, smart phone, Bluetooth, gloves, etc)

6. Rider welfare and welcome package


The above mentioned may sound easy like the snap of a finger achievement but it takes time especially rider verification and confirmation added to the long process of registration and licensing of the bike.

Before the lockdown, we didn’t want to stay locked down plus we realized the value we offer at a time like this lockdown where most people will be needing courier services. We bought over 100 bikes in advance and passed them through the process that takes 30days. This means we have purchased the bikes, have then kitted, branded, qualified riders are on ground and ready. Once you invest, your bike will commence work and you get paid the next week.

This is why it is called FLASH-Bike.

Flash bike promotion commenced on Monday 06th April, 2020 and is slated to end on Thursday 30th April, 2020.

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