End Time

FlasHBike PROMO ends tomorrow 30/04/2020.

We hate to say goodbye 👋 each time a PROMOTIONAL OFFER is about to end 😞

FlasHBike PROMO is ending tomorrow.

Invest today and start getting returns in 1wk for 1yr duration instead of waiting for 1month to start getting returns. .



This is why it is called FLASHBIKE👌the returns comes in a FLASH. Invest in our dispatch bikes for weekly returns into your designated bank account.



. Our bikes belongs to various investors who makes N30k weekly returns for 1yr duration. N30k weekly is per bike they own on TheMap. Invest today to own a bike used for deliveries on TheMap let your money work for you. .



We are still paying investors even during this lockdown. Our investors are safe at home while their bike(s) are out there making money for them.💰💰💰😍😍😍🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼




We have 3 business plans

Small Business Plan N580k

Enterprise Business Plan N680k

Corporate Business Plan N780k



Your investment covers

Bike purchase. Coupling, kitting, rider, app, Insueance, etc. As an investor, you don’t have any business with operations or marketing, just invest and relax while we work our tour returns from daily deliveries we make for various customer.



For more



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