We can make Agriculture palatable to everyone in every age bracket by coming up with contemporary systems which can easily involve people to actively engage in Agriculture and make a good living out of it.

We have broken Agriculture down to value chains by identifying processes an individual can engage in to make thing works and as well make a good living without having to necessarily go to farm to cultivate Connecting Agriculture to everyday needs ranging from food, clothing/fashion, shelter, raw materials, etc. It will awaken people that Agriculture is beyond food and beverage but affects our lives in every sense of it With this more people can find a value chain


Agriculture was the boom of the Nigerian economy in the past and it still has all it takes to be the economic boom of today’s present and tomorrows future because everything is centred on Agriculture, manufacturing, fashion/lifestyle, food and beverage and many more.

The fact remains that the importance of Agriculture cannot be over emphasized as it is the source of major commodities we use every day. But the neglect/abandonment of the Agricultural sector can be visible from the less atten  ntion paid to it due to the below identified problems.




Lack of interest in Agriculture

•This is due to the mind-set we all grew up with, that farming is a transaction done in the village alone

•Whereas everyone is aiming at getting white collar jobs hence the migration to the city for greener pasture at the expense of Agriculture

•Crude equipment which is energy exhausting and time consuming with little income

Lack of training and know how

•No training and no skill

•Limited training and limited skill

Lack of technology driven platform

•The cost of available technology in terms of soft solutions for Agriculture to boost sales is expensive

•No online community to engage youths and other interested indigenes in a network for easier information dissemination, organization and management.


Many people don’t know certain markets exist for certain Agri produce. They don’t know;


•Where to sell
•What to sell
•How to sell

Lack of innovative program

•Creative schemes/programs to make indigenes have interest and actively participate in Agriculture


We are sensitizing the Nigerian people on the NEED TO START agriculture as a BUSINESS not just for food but for other products that we use everyday.

Look at the leather seats in your cars, offices, homes, etc

look at the shoes on your feet, the hand bag you are carrying, your wallet, belt, etc


Think of the doors, wardrobes, cabinets, shelves, the wooden designs in your cars, table, etc in your home, office, hotel, restaurants, lounges, schools, etc

Think about the dress you are wearing, I am sure you like 100%✓ and it looks good on you, fits good on you and people admire you...

Think about the paper you use, magazines, newspapers, wallpapers, catalogues, A4 sized sheets, cartons, your tv manuals, phone manuals, etc

I can go on and on and the list of agricultural produce beyond food will keep flowing.

We have designed more than 3000 agriculture value chains which you can make money from conveniently from your smart phone beyond food.

You don't need to go to farm
You don't need to own a farm
You don't need to know a farmer

All you need is select a value chain from our list of multiple value chains and we will set it up for you to start making money, it is that simple;

You name it, we make you earn from it.

TheMap has been in collaboration with Sunny De Legend Services in empowering 10, 000 farmers to access;

technical support 
high level consultancy
soft payment solutions
logistics (affordable local/international)

Check and see how to join


Lack of interest in Agriculture

We can make Agriculture palatable to everyone in every age bracket by coming up with contemporary systems which can easily involve people to actively engage in Agriculture and make a good living out of it.

•We have broken Agriculture down to value chains by identifying processes an individual can engage in to make thing works and as well make a good living without having to necessarily go to farm to cultivate

•Connecting Agriculture to everyday needs ranging from food, clothing/fashion, shelter, raw materials, etc. It will awaken people that Agriculture is beyond food and beverage but affects our lives in every sense of it

•With this more people can find a value chain

Lack of training and know how

We will tailor direct training that can yield positive result with positive impact on Agriculture in Nigeria. Such training includes;



•Agri soft solutions
•Computers, smart phones and mobile devices
•Internet of Things (ioT)
•Operating systems

Soft payment solutions
•Data (generation, management, storage, transfer, security)
•Electronic platforms

Online/offline marketing of Agricultural products 


•Social media campaigning
•Showcase on websites/blogs + content development

Value chain/business processes


•Middle men
•End user
•Distributors and whole sellers
•Process management
•Time management
•Crisis management and damage control
•Partnerships and sponsorships


•Understanding types of markets for various agri produce
•Market share
•Market demography
•Market security
•Marketing various markets



•Product branding
•Brand projection
•Brand imaging
•Brand management
•Brand marketing


•Agri packaging
•Agri sales promo
•Agri product marketing
•Agri product reselling
•Agri product management
•Agri product profling
•Agri quality control

Customer services

•Customer psychology
•Customer behaviour
•Phone etiquettes
•Know-Your-Customers KYC)
•Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


•Book keeping

Lack of technology driven platform

•We will create an e-Commerce website where agri produce can be sold online to people nationwide

•A technology driven and a seamless delivery system to ensure the Agricultural produce from any part of Nigeria gets to the customer that ordered it. With this more agricultural produce sellers can have more buyers from a wider market scope within Nigeria and the rest of the world.

•This platform will have multimedia capabilities for sharing media files such as photos, LIVE videos, voice notes, etc

•This platform will host an online community for various Agricultural sectors according to interest. This platform will be like social media where sellers and buyers can create profile accounts and transact

•Online and offline payment system to make collecting money and banking it for Nigerians who are under this program


We will show Nigerians what to sell

•Live stock

Where to sell

•We show Nigerians where to sell their agri produce either as farmers or 3rd party vale chain completers;

•Catalogues with bar code/ID technology
•Hybrid brochures

How to sell

•Getting customers online and offline
•Using 3rd party services
•Multi-level networking and compensation/incentives

Lack of innovative program

In this program we show them how to utilize Agriculture as it affects our daily lives. We have a new age for Agriculture ranging from;


•Using live stock for leather
•Using plants like cotton for clothing,


•Wood for furniture manufacturing ranging from doors, tables, chairs, cabines, etc
•Wood for paper,




We will involve/engage indigenes in various Agriculture value chains;

•Online shop to sell for farmers in Nigeria to customers nationwide and worldwide
•Delivery of Agricultural products from farm, warehouse, store to customers doorstep
•Farmers to cultivate/farm with skills and know-how




Buying and selling is NOW DONE ONLINE. The car care products, accessories, kits, etc, can be sold on the online shop which is another source of income for the business for selling them to interested buyers.



•Product gallery and lovely display
•Shopping cart
•Product description
•Cost effective operations with minimal overhead/operational cost to get started
•Facebook online shop to enable The enable us sell to Facebook visitors worldwide
•3rd party logistics/courier partnership for nationwide EXPRESSS DELIVERIES to customer’s doorsteps, offices, homes, hotels, hostels, etc.
•Advantage over other shops selling only offline with no 3rd party courier delivery system.
•Hybrid sales advantage (online + offline outlets)
•Online customer relationship and database management ease
•Advertisement, marketing and promotions on all our media channels
•Beautiful and interactive display of products, goods and services online/worldwide
•Dedicated e-store keeper/manager for instant analytical reports on all their online sales
•24/7 online security, maintenance and support
•Multi sales channels-
•Easy to manage communication system and command line for smooth operations
•Customers can make purchases even when physical stations are not open
•24/7 back office administration and support
•FREE interactive pop-up front page, billboard/banner on Googke
•Imprint business names on Google maps
•Dedicated online shop attendants to attend to all customers when they require
•We provide kits and work equipment to our dispatch riders to enhance their sales process with PDA, POS, barcode scanner, etc.
•Publicity and awareness of their new online outlet/sales channel
•Tracking system for their customers to track their purchases before delivery
•“shop2phone” via SMS/email as soon as their customers shops and check out
•Selling 24/7 comfortably at their customers shopping convenience and delight
•Multilingual with over 30 international languages and NIgerian languages coming soon
•FREE listing of their products on various international online marketplaces such as; Amazon, e-Bay, Shopzilla, etc
•LIVE customer support with Toll FREE calls, Toll FREE SMS and LIVE chat to enable their shops interact with their customers at no extra cost
•Social media links for likes, comments, recommendations, testimonials on their products.
•And so much more


FEATURES of our courier software portal;



Computerized data entry, a brilliant replacement to handwritten waybill printed on multiple papers. With our new courier software, every waybill number is unique and digitally generated, they input shipment details once without having to duplicate processes which saves time and facilitates speedy and accurate delivery of any shipment.


During order entry, they can instantly calculate and get the price of each shipment, distance in kilometre between pickup and delivery locations. With this function, they have more comprehensive detail on every/all of their shipments. It helps them charge the customer accurately and keep track of their due commission even before their shipments arrive our hub for dispatch.


This address book onboard our software auto saves every location they service. Our software auto saves pickup/delivery location information each time they process any shipment order. For reoccurring shipments to a particular address, they do not need to type the location for pickup/delivery over and over again. They will only select from address book and continue processing the shipment. This limits typo errors and speeds up order processing. 


Our software automatically generates unique tracking/waybill numbers for each of their shipment order. These numbers are used on our website or within their portal environment to track all their shipment orders with real-time result on the status of any of their shipments orders.


 There is an invoice system on their portal so their transaction/cash reconciliation will be prompt.They can view it or generate transaction report(s) within a particular time frame. Their reports can be exported as PDF, Excel sheet or sent as email.


We create a profile for their business with login, (username/password), access and account number. In this portal they can login to start a new order, view all transactions, cancel a particular order/shipment booked by them through their portal, query/search/print out previous orders/shipments labels, access their address book or edit their business information on their profile and so much more to mention a few.



With our signature capture system, as deliveries are made, customers can sign to show proof that they have received their items ordered. This signature is sent to the cloud/online in real time which can help admin track sales, successful deliveries and above all track performances of the trained dispatch

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