Find everything, everywhere, everyone & make money

TheMap is an e-Commerce platform built with the concept of the monopoly board game that features real life businesses and economic activities that can be owned and managed by individuals thereby making them economic key players on a neutral playing ground for everyone.


By using Google maps as front end for navigation and location, WhatsApp as back end for communication and interaction by users and Facebook the source of advertising/getting real time users/players to navigate and visit locations. You are welcome to the real life game board where money is made virtually online through real life operations.

We added a lot of Nigerian/local contents to Google map, we have taken Google map beyond navigation to form a #1 intelligent directory in Nigeria and beyond. Our platform has taken Google maps a step further by not only adding those features that does not work well in Nigeria but have incorporated local businesses, local icons, locations/places and more that does not have an online presence. You can visit any location, places or businesses in Nigeria and interact with their products and services through LIVE video, LIVE chat, toll FREE calls, media file sharing virtually from the comfort of your smart phone whether at home, office or on the go. TheMap takes you to places you cannot go with the ability to bring any item you order for from any location to your doorstep in any part of the world...



This simply means that one can purchase locations on TheMap, own them, operate them and make money off them.


This is how you can build an empire

You can own 10 locations, 50 locations or 100's of locations, it is up to you. Once you pay for automation of a location we will;


1. Pin point your signboard on that location using ypour customized icon

2. We add media content to your signboard to make it look really beautiful to look at

3. We activate your signboard by connecting it to your phone which acts as the remote control of that location and which enables you LIVE chat, toll FREE call, share media files with various users who visit your location(s) on TheMap. We profile your location Google map to aid navigation and we send you a certificate from Google, like an online CofO.

4. We train you how to play the real life monopoly where you can own various businesses in various locations and manage them all on your smart phone. Above all, we train you on how to make the money for real and cash out

5. We offer you technology to do business, apps that can either sell for you in your absence, collect payment and route it to your designated bank account, communicate and pass information to your prospects/clients, manage your existing customers, accounts managements, CRM, etc.

6. We also offer you courier partnership/3rd party logistics services (3PL) to enable you move products from any of your location(s) to your customers

7. Admin/back end support to ensure seamless operations, cash collections and remittance to your account once a transaction on your location is completed.


There has never been any better empowerment platform than


1. It involves everyone to participate actively in the economy

2. No discrimination, even handicaps can own and operate business and provide services and convenience to different users online

3. No gender inequality

4. No racism or tribalism

5. Equal playing ground for all



To kick off and join the chain of multi millionaires who own, operate and make money from various locations online all you need to do is to pay N3, 000/location you wish to automate.

The game plan is to dominate locations, provide services that creates convenience to various people/users and make money from the process finish.


A location to automate could be;





Hotspot (suya, isi ewu, nkwobi, pub, grill, asun, etc)



Laundry/dry cleaning




Taxi stand

Bus park/garage


Travel agency

Offie complex



You can automate any location + the business and can be automated for you to manage on your smart phone.


A very good example; you can visit Computer Village, Lagos, while you are relaxing in your bedroom in Abuja, FCT. You can visit each shop in Computer Village, Lagos, see products there, negotiate price with each seller on video call or video and above all you can purchase any item there and pay cash on delivery at your door step. We have digitized every business and every location in Nigeria ranging from, malls, properties for sale/lease, gymnasium, shops, marketplaces, restaurants, salons, taxi stands, hotels, car wash, auto service/mechanic workshops, vulcanizes, public toilets, filling stations, banks, roadside stalls/kiosks, schools, laundry dry cleaning, factories/industries, you can imagine the rest.


Bringing several businesses and locations online requires a lot of manpower to drive them and complete value chains to keep both offline and online locations active and working. allows any interested Nigerian living in Nigeria/abroad or non Nigerians living in Nigeria or abroad to own any kind of business online and operate it and make money from home provided they have a smartphone, or mobile devices; Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry, registered/active network SIM card and active internet bundle.

Our platform can be found and used as a website on or download as a mobile app from various app stores Google Play Store, iTunes, Windows store and Blackberry world. You can find everything, everywhere and everyone when you navigate or search the directory. You can also advertise and sell your products and services WHEN YOU SIGN UP ON THE DIRECTORY for FREE


  • Freelancers

  • Small, Medium and Large scale Enterprises

  • Corporate organizations

  • Farmers

  • Internally displaced Persons (IDP’s)

  • Expatriates/consultants

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Teachers

  • Employed

  • Unemployed

  • Under employed

  • Retired

  • Students

  • Individuals

  • Government agencies, ministries, parestatals, commissions, etc

  • Non Governmental Organizations

  • Anything you can think of is possible with our platform



  • We have made in Nigeria soft solutions

  • We have the platform hosted online already (

  • We have a well-designed empowerment scheme that is self sustaining

  • We have designed different training suites for different interests

  • We have made most things FREE for SME’s to sign and enjoy benefits

  • We have HOT untapped markets to deploy our trainee after their training

  • We provide soft solutions which enhance their service delivery

  • We manage their soft solution backend for easier/well organized updates or remodeling

  • We help them secure and manage 3rd party services

  • We offer them affordable marketing/promotions strategies/execution to increase their sales and secure their competitive advantage and also teach them how to market their own products and services online and offline.

  • We offer them customer relationship management (CRM) services to enable them retain their customers and grow their clientele base



  • Our platform shows off Nigeria and the businesses in Nigeria in a very interactive way

  • Bondless showcasing of Nigeria to the world

  • Cost effective, efficient and sustainable operation and administration

  • Intelligent innovative future plans

  • Most affordable soft solution that can create multiple jobs

  • Our e-employ will create jobs and new multi income stream for the Nigerian economy which will improve the Nigerian GDP

  • Wealth creation /wealth circulation

  • Special training suites are available to Internally Displaced People (IDP) to enable them reintegrate into the society, stabilize and start earning money with dignity rather than remain isolated from the outside world.

  • Can showcase farmers, their products and services in remote area in Nigeria interactively to their available markets within Nigeria and abroad.

Go places with your smart phone

Find taxi's, restaurants, shops, malls, market places,schools, hotels, eateries, salons, barber shops, mechanics, vulcanizers, service providers, nearest public toilet, artisans and so much more on your #WhatsApp.Find places, buy, sell and transact on directly on your #WhatsApp.

Imagine living in a world where everything, everywhere and everyone can be found on WhatsApp. 

Imagine a world of convenience where you can shop for groceries from your nearby store on WhatsApp and have your items delivered to you while you pay on delivery at your doorstep.


We have achieved this new world in Nigeria



1. Majority of people own a smart phone and have #WhatsApp on their smart phone.

2. Majority of people run and operate one or more businesses either from a market place or from home.

3. Majority of people running and operating their businesses face the challenges of marketing.

4. Majority of people running and operating their businesses would love to showcase their products and services on platforms to get buyers.

5. For the above facts, we have designed a platform which is also coming to apps stores across iTunes, Google PlayStore, Windows store and Blackberry world.

6. The platform is a local map that places business owners on their exact location in real life represented by an icon that is connected to the business owners #WhatsApp. Whenever users visit the platform each icon represents the type of business in that location. For example, if it is a restaurant that is in that location, you can find a restaurant icon that shows you its a restaurant.

7. Once you click on the icon, it will pop open a signboard to show you the description of that business, address, business name, photo dp, etc.

8. Once you click on the signboard, you will land in the sellers WhatsApp.

9. The seller can showcase their products and services with photos, LIVE video and LIVE chat.

10. We build the #WhatsApp website and place it on the platform for easy find and interact.






1. visit

2. Type "Peace Totalook on the search bar on the platform (a tailor in PHC selling and sewing from home)

3. Click on the drop down to visit sellers signboard

4. Arrive signboard and click on it.

5. Automatically you will see yourself in the sellers #WhatsApp where you can find variety of things to buy, slippers, shoes, cloths, accessories and etc.

6. You can chat with seller instantly

7. You can purchase or place your order instantly and receive your item at your doorstep where you can pay on delivery.






You too can become a seller on #WhatApp with showcase signboard on our platform and see people come to buy from you on #WhatsApp.

This solution is not limited to tailors, you can also buy from malls in any part of the world on #WhatsApp in the nearest future. But for now you can visit and shop on our local mall.


Type "Ikeja City Mall"

Click drop down to visit the location

Click the signboard or location name on the signboard to enter the mall

As you enter the mall, you will start seeing shops

You can click on iStore, MAC or on TM Lewin to visit their WhatsApp website to start seeing products, you can chat with seller via FREE voice WhatsApp voice and video calls.

You can also demand a LIVE video to see the products LIVE before placing your order(s)

Test it and let me know your experience

To get a WhatsApp website and signboard setup for your business.

You can have multiple #WhatsApp websites built on your #WhatsApp even if there are in different locations.

Dont forget that TheMap is coming on app stores soon so you and your customers can download to start buying and selling with FREE LIVE video and voice calls OR live CHAT.

TheMap will be marketed to the world and to the public on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazine, internet, word of mouth, outdoor billboards, below the line marketing, etc to ensure users download the app to start finding convenience on #WhatsApp.and by so doing they can find you and buy from you.

With our platform you dont need to spend so much in marketing or getting a website with www. No need for people to know your number or have your business name. They will just find you and buy from you directly on #WhatsApp




In fact, any type of business you are into can be built on #WhatsApp as a website and marketed on our platform.

Retailing business/buying and selling, whether you sell online, from home or at a physical market place

  • Real estate business

  • Event management/planning business

  • Caterer or chef

  • Rental business

  • Auto servicing/mechanic work shop

  • Manufacturing business

  • Restaurant business

  • Schools

  • Salons/spa

  • Hotel

  • Home tutor

  • Personal instructor, gymnasium, sports coach, etc

  • Dog trainer

  • Bead maker

  • Makeup artist

  • Photographer

  • Laundry/dry cleaning

  • Stylist

  • Taxis and car hire

  • Tailors

  • Dancers and vixens

  • Cake maker

  • Laundry

  • Restaurant/food and beverages

  • Printers

  • Graphic designers

  • Singer and song writers

  • Music producers

  • Painter

  • Artist

  • Artisans

  • Shoe makers

  • Writers

  • Interpreters and you name the rest


Activate your business on #WhatsApp today for just N3, 000/location setup and enjoy;



1. Get a WhatsApp website

2. Start selling to millions of WhatsApp users worldwide

3. Multiple businesses and location on one #WhatsApp account

4. FREE WhatsApp2WhatsApp marketing

5. LIVE video, share photo, LIVE chat with customers on the go

6. Post directly on #WhatsApp

7. Get customers from Facebook, Instagram, Google+ & pop up signboards

8. 3rd party logistics for pickup and delivery of your items to your customers nationwide and worldwide

9. Make money from deliveries also

10. Join the community of online business owners and get loans and financial assistance to startup

This can work for any type of business in any part of the world




1. No more traffic hassles

2. Get more done in no time

3. Enjoy convenience

4. Save time

5. Save money

6. Go places from one place

7. Your #WhatsApp is now a huge market place

8. Pay cash at your doorstep on delivery when you order from #WhatsApp

9. Every #WhatsApp merchant has a registered phone number and a verified location on

10. See your items on LIVE video directly on #WhatsApp before placing your order and pay on delivery at your doorstep

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